In order for any business within the hospitality industry to thrive and remain successful, professional standards of cleaning and housekeeping are absolutely vital. It is essential that bedrooms, bathrooms and public areas are kept clean and tidy or the usual result will be disgruntled guests and unhappy hotel management and staff.

Whilst the majority of hotels do have very high standards of housekeeping, should there be any issues within an existing in-house cleaning team, standards of work can quickly drop and this is when problems will start to crop up.

At A&B Cleaning, we have the perfect solution.

We are committed to training our own staff to clean to extremely high standards as well as providing all necessary chemical and health & safety training.  We encourage everyone to pull together as a team to achieve a great working environment.

We can do the same for your in-house staff by offering 4-6 week consultancy course for the whole cleaning team; head housekeeper, supervisors and all staff. We can come into your hotel and retrain everyone so that the housekeeping department runs more efficiently and the whole team is happier within their roles.

This in turn allows your team to provide a top quality service which ensures an attention to detail which will keep both guests and management happy and enable hotels to pass their yearly inspections.

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