Our Office Cleaning Services

A&B Cleaning will draw up a plan to cater for your specific requirements and will work at a time that is most convenient for you and your staff.

You will be allocated a personal Area Manager, who will take personal responsibility for the cleaning work at your offices and will make regular site visits in order to audit the work of our cleaners.

Your Area Manager will also be contactable by you at any time and will be keen to meet with you on a regular basis to discuss our work.

Office cleaning

Our Services include:

Uniformed & Experienced Staff

COSHH Trained Staff

Personal Management System

All Equipment & Consumables

Health & Safety Responsibility

Environmentally Aware Work Practice

Listed below are our standard office cleaning tasks, but remember, we are happy to tailor what we do to meet the needs of your office, so please call us to discuss.

Reception Areas
• Vacuum carpet
• Reception counter dust and fingerprint free
• Artwork dusted and glass cleaned
• Phones and computers wiped down
• Tabletops dusted and polished
• Magazines organized
• Rubbish emptied

• Sink, fixtures and toilets cleaned and sanitized
• Mirrors polished
• Counter tops cleaned and sanitized
• Soap and towel dispensers wiped down
• Floors mopped
• Rubbish emptied

• Desks dusted
• Carpets cleaned and vacuumed
• Filing cabinets and bookcases wiped down
• Window sills and door glass cleaned
• Phones and computers wiped down
• Light fixtures dusted or wiped down
• Rubbish emptied

Kitchen/Break Room
• Sink, fixtures and countertops wiped and sanitized
• Stove top, microwave and refrigerator wiped down
• Cabinets dusted or wiped
• Wall outlets wiped and sanitized
• Tables, benches and chairs wiped down
• Rubbish emptied

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